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Triple Voltage Regulator


آی سی رگولاتور استفاده شده در ایسیو های :
Siemens تک و بایفیول
Valeo VB44 بایفیول
J34 – J35 – SAX500-ILC-PL4 – SLC


Triple Voltage Regulator

The TLE 4471 is a monolithic integrated very low-drop triple voltage regulator. The main output supplies loads up to 450 mA and the additional tracked outputs can provide up to 50 mA and 100 mA. In addition the device includes a watchdog for microcontroller-supervision, an under-voltage reset, a power on reset and extended enabling features. The watchdog and reset timing can be chosen independently of each other. The TLE 4471 is available in the P-DSO-20-12 power package. It is designed to supply microprocessor systems under the severe condition of automotive applications and therefore it is equipped with additional protection against overload, short circuit and overtemperature. Of course the TLE 4471 can be used in other applications as well. The TLE 4471 operates in the temperature range of Tj = – ۴۰ to 150 °C.


  •  Triple Voltage Regulator
  • Output Voltage 5 V with 450 mA Current Capability
  • Two tracked Outputs for 50 mA and 100 mA
  • Enable Function for main and tracked Output(s)
  • Reset with adjustable Threshold
  • Undervoltage- and Power On-Reset
  • Watchdog
  • Independent Watchdog- and Resetdelay
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Proof


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