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آیسی شارژر باتری لیتیوم


آیسی شارژر باتری لیتیوم

The MAX1555EZK+T is a dual input, USB/AC adapter, 1-cell Li+ battery charger in 5 pin SOT-23 package. It operates without external FETs or diodes and accept operating input voltages up to 7V. The device has as On-chip thermal limiting feature which simplifies PC board layout and allows optimum charging rate without the thermal limits imposed by worst-case battery and input voltage. When thermal limits are reached, the chargers do not shut down, but progressively reduce charging current. When the device is USB powered, charge current is set to 100mA (max). This allows charging from both powered and unpowered USB hubs with no port communication required. When DC power is connected, charging current is set at 280mA (typ) and the input-blocking diodes are not required to prevent battery drain.

  • Active-low CHG output to indicate charging status
  • Charge from USB or AC adapter
  • Automatic switchover when AC adapter is plugged in
  • On-chip thermal limiting
  • Charge status indicator
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C


Power Management, Portable Devices

Li-Ion, Li-Polymer

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