IC DK106 5V1A 6W DIP-8 AC-DC
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DK106 high-performance switching power supply control chip
Functional description
DK106 chip is a dedicated low-power switching power supply control chip, widely used in power adapter, LED power, induction cooker,
Tune, DVD and other small household electrical appliances.
First, the product features
The use of dual-chip design, high-voltage switch using bipolar transistor design to reduce product costs; control circuit mining
With large-scale MOS digital circuit design, and the use of E-pole drive bipolar crystal chip to improve the high-voltage switch
Safe pressure value of the tube. Built-in self-powered circuit, do not need to provide power to the external chip, effectively reduce the external yuan
The number and cost of pieces.

Chip integrated high-voltage constant current start-up circuit, without external plus starting resistance.
Built-in overcurrent protection circuit, anti-overload protection circuit, output short circuit protection circuit, temperature protection circuit and optical failure
protect the circuit.
Built-in slope compensation circuit to ensure that the low voltage and high power output circuit stability.
Built-in PWM oscillation circuit, and has a shaking function to ensure a good EMC characteristics.
Built-in frequency conversion function, standby automatically reduce the operating frequency, to meet the European green energy standards (<0: 3W) with
, The ripple of the output voltage is reduced.
Built-in high voltage protection, when the input bus voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the chip will automatically shut down and delay restart.
Built-in ramp current drive circuit, reducing the power consumption of the chip and improve the efficiency of the circuit.
4KV anti-static ESD test.

Power range
Input voltage (85 ~ 264V ac) (85 ~ 145V ac) (180 ~ 264V ac)
Maximum output power 6W 8W 8W

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